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Hi, I’m Jo,

I am a money and business mentor and founder of "She's a Money Boss". I empower motivated, ambitious female entrepreneurs to take control of their money and their life.

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I wasn't always a money boss. As a young girl my primary school teacher told me I was "bad at numbers" and it stuck with me throughout school and into my teens where I became the girl who was bad at maths. It was no surprise to me when I got a grade E in my exams. I then went on to university and got in debt and when I left and started my first job I didn't know how to earn enough to pay my debts and live. A bad money pattern was evolving. I started my business with my husband and completely abdicated the finances. I left it all to him, not because he was more trained in money but because of my self doubt. 


After a few years, I reached my breaking point because I was stuck working long hours, not earning enough, what money I did have went quickly and I was stuck at work not seeing my kids and being the Mummy I wanted. If I was at work I felt like a bad Mum, if I was at home I felt like I should have been at work. On this final straw day, I called a meeting with my husband and told him I wanted to earn more and work less. He said that the business couldn't do that. We went back and forth until he said, "Do you think you can do better with the money?" I replied, "Yes I do". He said "Go on then", I said "I will" and I left the room.

Outside, all my self doubt hit me - what was I thinking? What had I just done? But I was too stubborn to go back in and say I was wrong. So, I made a decision to become the CFO (Chief Financial Offer) of my life and business and become a money boss. I paid for mentors, read every money book and educate myself.

Cracked Glacier

More and more started to come in and our new accountant called us to a meeting. He told us that we had an outstanding tax bill that needed to be paid tomorrow. He told us the amount and my husband let out a big gasp... I smiled and reached deep down into my bag and pulled out the company cheque book and asking him if a cheque was OK. 

I was so proud of that girl who couldn't do numbers! Over lunch my husband asked how I had managed to save that amount. After I shared how, we started to talk about our dreams and how it would feel to be financially free and even become millionaires. That's what we did.

I love teaching female entrepreneurs my "She's a Money Boss" system so that they can take control of their money too. If I can go from where I was to where I am - I know you can too.

I would love to chat to you...

Cracked Glacier

I am passionate about helping women to seize absolute control of their finances, their time and their destiny. To inspire them to stop settling, sacrificing themselves in their family life and confidently become the boss of their money and put it to work for them instead of being trapped working hard for it. 




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Cracked Glacier

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Womanpreneur is a book for women in business who want to ‘have it all’. It teaches how to create a thriving business and live a life you love.


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This group is for women in business who want freedom, more money (especially via passive income) and to make an impact without sacrificing themselves or their family life.

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...wondering about the Blue Cows?


Why the Blue Cows? Blue cow is a metaphor that Jo uses in her business and life. Many years ago Jo and her husband Steve were stressed in their brick and mortar business. At their wit's end, they took a day off and watched a cartoon with their young son. The cartoon was about a cow. Not only was she different from the other cows because she was blue in colour but she was also dynamic, optimistic and wanted more from her life. It sounds ridiculous but the cartoon made Jo and Steve realise that they were not being blue cows in their business. They had been settling and they decided to stop that and ‘become blue cows’. This was the start of their business transformation. They turned their business around and went on to create a 7 figure business that could run with or without them using what they call ‘The Blue Cow Way’. This technology has now been used by hundreds of business owners and thousands of their team members to grow an awesome business from the inside out. You will hear Jo talking a lot about being a blue cow. It is a message she is passionate about. If you're a Practice Owner, please click here to head over to our specific Practice Owner programme. 

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