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Are you ready to create a life and business that you love?

That gives you less stress, more time, more money, and more life?

Hi, I'm Jo...

I've been where you are...

When you decided to become a business owner, you probably imagined that it would allow you to make a positive impact with your clients but also allow you to work less, make more money and have more freedom. So you could live a life you love without sacrificing yourself and your family life.


If you are currently going through what I went through, your current reality looks very different. In my early days of growing and running my business, I found myself challenged with:

  • Getting new clients

  • Giving great client care alongside running the business

  • Doing consistent marketing 

  • Recruiting the right team members

  • Dealing with staff issues

  • Juggling the finance

  • My never ending to do list


Alongside trying to be the wife and mummy I wanted to be whilst working long hours, feeling too much stress, worrying , missing mummy time and managing my home. The juggle was real and I lived in frustration. However, I probably appeared successful to others, but I was losing myself.


If burnout was a town, I frequently found myself ‘at the gates’ and it felt like I had no choice but to keep going. After yet another particularly stressful day (involving a staff member stealing and two others having a fight in the reception!) I thought about closing my business. I knew then I had to find another way to run my business and live my life. I couldn't carry on how things were.

After a chance meeting with a ‘blue cow’ that helped me realise I was settling. I studied best practices and leveraged businesses around the world. I invested in mentors and I reimagined how my business would be. Importantly I also set new boundaries for my life. I along with my husband, Steve, I created our freedom based business model and implemented like crazy.

It was not easy, but we created a seven figure business that could run ‘with or without’ us. Our award winning, dream business with our dream team, making a positive difference to our patients and our team without being chained to our business anymore. And I was able to become the mummy wife and woman I wanted to be and still be a motivated energised female entrepreneur.


My coaching life began when a local chiropractor reached out for help with his practice. After a while other business owners saw what we were doing with our freedom based business, and began asking us to show them how they could do the same. Our coaching business was officially born in 2011. And since then, we have mentored hundreds of business owners to create success and freedom on their terms … and thousands of their team members to be confident, happy advocates for the business.

We call them BLUE COWS. Blue cows are committed to being the best version of themselves. When you become a Blue Cow and surround yourself with blue cows.. your business and your life can transform.

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What if you could have a business you love, more time, more money and more life?

Well, now you can, you do not need ‘bro marketing tactics’ or ‘slimy sales scripts’ or to work ridiculously long hours sacrificing yourself and your family time. You just need to know the secret of how to implement the proven success pathway that leads you to your freedom based business and dream life. … and I am excited to show you how.


We work with chiropractic and healthcare business owners and women in business.


We have worked with clients in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Holland, Spain, Italy, Norway, Finland, Sweden, New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia.

In short, we know how successful businesses work and how you can live your best life where ever and how you want.


Imagine your life and business a year from now...

You've achieved the perfect balance between business automation for sales, marketing, finance systems, team and leadership along with financial mastery to protect your future and optimal life design using our proven playbook. You can have a freedom based business and live your dream life.

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About Jo

Jo began her business life as a Chiropractor and grew a multi award winning, spa like 7 figure practice, employing many chiropractic associates, massage therapists, managers and reception team with her husband Steve. They went on to expand into multiple branches and despite growing up feeling like ‘the girl who couldn’t do numbers’, Jo was able to overcome her challenges with self doubt, money and become the CFO (Chief Financial officer) of her 7 figure business. Jo began mentoring other practice owners how to create their freedom based practice. They sold their healthcare practices when other business owners started to ask them to consult with them and help them to grow their businesses in the way that they had done. 

Jo is an international keynote speaker for many Chiropractic, healthcare and business events around the world and been featured in magazines sharing her business growth and dream life design strategies. She has also run thousands of her own in- person and virtual seminars, webinars and events. Jo has written 5 books for healthcare practice owners and women in business.


Jo has mentored hundreds of practice owners and women in business in business growth, money management and how to create a freedom based business. She has also mentored thousands of their team members in leadership, confidence and growing fully booked patient lists. As a married mummy to four, Jo fully appreciates that the juggle is real and loves to empower the business owners, particularly women who ‘have it all’ on their terms. Less stress, more time, more money, more freedom and more happiness.

If you are looking for an experienced mentor who knows how to create and run successful healthcare practices and businesses, and if you are looking for a way to take control of your business, money and your life, Jo would love to connect with you and help you create a business and life you love.

When Jo is not helping business owners or being Mummy... you can find her spreading the inspirational Blue Cow message at Blue Cow Life.

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We do things differently.
But don't just take our word for it...

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